Simon Reichel

Makes films, takes photos.

Part of A Common Future.

+49 1577 4600729

Simon Reichel is not a prodigy of any sorts. He was never lauded for any extraordinary talents in front of vast audiences and never garnered a wealth of awards for his extensive body of work which he doesn’t have. He has neither been extremely successful nor extremely unlucky at the things he has done so far. He owes most – rather, almost everything – of what he has achieved to the sometimes very undeserved and unsubstantiated love and support of other people. He would like to keep what he imagines to be his artistic integrity but has troubles resisting the call of money. He is not as productive as he would like to be but also not unusually lazy. In summary, he is really not very exceptional at all. He hasn’t yet fully decided wether he thinks that’s a good thing or a bad thing.